Pratfall Effect

Being positive

Hello Guys!
Have you ever experienced after an embarrassing fall or some silly mistake, We often start thinking what a bad impression we made on others, what will they think of me, they will definitely not like me, or how will I face them now. Yes it’s a lot of overthinking, I know. But even someone who is not an over thinker, would not believe that these silly, little, clumsy mistakes makes us more likeable. What! Yes you read it right. This is called Pratfall Effect.
It was first studied by social psychologist Elliot Aronson in 1966. To test this Aronson, conducted an experiment in which he divided 48 male college students into four groups and each group was asked to listen a tape recording of someone, answering trivia questions. Half of the subjects listened to the recording in which the person was answering questions and half of them heard the…

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